Sunday, June 14, 2009

I need a vacation, but a good laugh will do for now!

The last few weeks at work have been really difficult. And on top of it, so serious. I've had to remind myself to breathe. We use to have so much fun at the office. What changed? I feel so much pressure and some days I don't know if I'm coming or going. Most nights I come home, hopefully run or go to yoga and after dinner veg out. Nothings so wrong with that, but I need a vacation! 

Hubby and I keep talking about taking some time off, but I honestly don't see that happening any time soon. I fear we are becoming my parents in that sense where they talk about doing something forever and then never do it. So far this weekend, I've mentally traveled to San Diego, Seattle, Madrid and Cabo. 

My annual review was last week. It was good. Not great, but not bad. I'm spread pretty thin right now and it's making it difficult to do much of anything very well. A meeting the following day was about roles & responsibilities for some PR efforts and Boss #1 (I say that because I have 2) asked me to speak up if something interests me. They asked me to be the "Queen" or PM for a project. I said I'd love to, but let's look at my other responsibilities and be honest about how this can work. We agreed I have too much going on and that we set a goad in about 1 - 2 weeks to have a new person take over a lot for me so I can focus on this. 

I think that's great. Exactly what I wanted and was promised at my review last year. No wonder I need a vacation. Boss #1's daughter came in for a few hours Thursday afternoon and I watched her, while doing my work while he was in meetings. She's a fantastic 5 year old and we have a good time together. She asked me why I have two desks and two computers! I said, that's what I need to do my 6 jobs! She laughed. I didn't. 

I do believe if we get a new body in the office, someone that is fun and creative, it will help bring some life and fun back to the office. We desperately want it. I'd like to be able to take on new and full challenges to see if I can really bring it and be given a fair shot at doing well. The next few months will be really critical to my successes and future at my current place and my next place. 

So I decided it's about time I have some fun outside work! I had two friends (also coworkers) over for drinks after work Friday. We also made some burgers and corn and threw them on the grill while we sat outside and enjoyed the back yard area. Hubby's been working so hard back there. It's nice to have some oasis like that to enjoy your hard work. We were able to vent and talk about work, laugh and just have a really good time. A lot of the time, Hubby doesn't necessarily understand what's going on at my office. We work at two extremely different places and the office politics and dynamics are completely different. It's nice for me to have him experience stories from other people I work with, rather than just myself. He said, I can see why things are difficult for you and are struggling. It's a relief to have some understanding. 

Then last night we went to see The Hangover. It was so freaking funny! I love Las Vegas and the characters in this movie just made me forget about everything else except their story. I loved it. Then I came home and why hubby worked on something in the office / guest room, I decided to watch The Jane Austin Book club. I've never read Austin before, but I did see the movie Becoming Jane with Ann Hathaway and James McAvoy and I totally loved that movie. I loved this one as well. It makes me want to explore more books. I've been in a rut lately with looking at travel online and watching TV. I go in cycles. 

Our 3rd wedding anniversary is coming up. It's the same time as 4th of July, so I thought we'd go somewhere for that, but the park, Lassen Volcanic Park is sold out of camping spots. We haven't really figured out what else to do yet. It's coming up soon. I think I'll sit back and not worry about it for the moment. Instead I'll enjoy this overcast, chilly Sunday morning with my cup of coffee and wait for hubby to wake up and hit the Farmers Market! Happy Sunday!

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