Saturday, June 6, 2009

Monkey King Chief

This week's Yoga class with Kenny Graham was great! I'm always super-sore for 2 days post class - especially in my hammies. He always starts class with these amazing, heartfelt stories. I guess that's all part of the Anusara style of yoga - I like it.  Towards the end of class we were trying Hanumansana. It's translated as Monkey King Chief or as most people know it: the full splits! It's said a little differently on his website, but from his words in class: He was sitting on the beach in New Jersey praying he wouldn't have to work again. He saw a weather beaten flag with the image of Hanumasana on it and somehow it brought him to love practice and teaching of yoga. He knew instantly the journey would be long and hard, but not out of the rhelm of possibilities. 

I usually don't remember much after class, but I connected instantly to not wanting to work. I have a good job, but just like any other job it's exhausting and frustrating. Oh how I would love to be my own boss and do what I want. I believe that my husband makes enough money that I could just quit my job tomorrow and we would be okay. Not great, but we would survive. It's freeing to know that, but I also know that without my income the possibility of kick ass vacations, whenever we get around to it, would  not be possible. Also, my shopping adventures would be cut instantly. I'm not a huge spender, but I don't mind spending money on things that matter and of good quality that will last forever. 

Working is also a pride thing. Besides, what would I do all day? After our 2 mile run Wednesday after work, I was washing my hair in the shower and had the most brilliant idea! I can do my own thing and I know just what I want to do. I'm not going into detail now, because I'm still formulating my ideas and developing a plan, but I'd hope that in 6 months or so it would have enough legs that I can fully jump into my own project. Just having that possibility out there, a goal to work towards, is liberating. I hope to have a meeting within a week with one of my very well connected friends to see what he thinks of the whole thing. 

But for now, I'm drinking coffee with my hubby, planning out how to spend the next 2 hours before I get on Caltrain to meet a girlfriend in San Francisco for a shopping adventure at all the cute boutiques and then a night out with friends for a birthday! What a fun Saturday planned out. I hope the weather cooperates. 

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