Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ode to Michael Kors

Michael Kors has got to be my favorite American designer. I love his classic clothes and his amazing ability to dress a woman. Now, most of his clothing I unfortunately has no place in my wardrobe. Hubby and I do not have any fancy parties to attend or any formal events. We have the occasional wedding, but I would stick out like a sore thumb if I came in wearing any expensive dress. In a way, that sucks! I want to wear beautiful pieces! 

Today I was talking to a friend about this beautiful MK black dress I thought was SO BEAUTIFUL! As I recall, it was also so expensive!!! My memory thought it was about $5k, which after looking at the website and not seeing anything over about $3,500 makes me question the price. But it's no longer there, so we're going to say it was $5k. That's about a year of my clothing allowance! I'm not sure exactly what I spend on clothes, but I know it's less than rent & food & other major necessities, so I feel it's in proportion. 

But say my clothing allowance was abut $5k for the year. And let's say I spend all $5K of that on this one MK dress! That kind of made me throw up in my mouth right now, but let's just say I did it anyway. First of all, hubby would be absolutely furious with me. But hey, I work too! I should be able to spend my money how I want. I guess that's not a good argument considering we have everything joint. Oh well. Turns out also have arguments in this made up world! 

But what if I wore the same freaking MK dress every single day! Let's say I had enough shoes to wear it every day with a different pair of shoes and different jewelry every day! When would I get sick of the dress? Day 3? Day 20? Day 150? Who knows, but it's fun to think about. 

Say, you keep it for special occasions. How many events would you wear it to before you got sick of it? How many events would you not be able to wear it to because the same people would only see you in that fantastically, beautiful, but the same dress? I love clothes, but I know myself and I get SICK of the same stuff over and over again. I've learned to buy quality clothes, but I'm also learning I don't like to hold onto pieces year after year after year. My recent closet purge puts that to a fact. 

I like change in my wardrobe. I like diversity! I don't care to spend a bunch of money on clothes and I have a tiny closet, so I'm motivated to keep things in a fairly small place. I have about a 3 foot rack space, with shoes beneath and 3 drawers in a dresser for tops, jeans and workout clothes (top to bottom respectively).

I have a very organized closet. I also organize hubby's side according to my system (lights to darks in each category: dresses, skirts, tops: sleeveless, short sleeve, 3/4 length sleeve and long sleeved and then pants: by length and color). It works quite well. I highly recommend this system rather than random! 

Anyway, how long could you go wearing the same thing day after day after day? 

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