Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Half way there!

Earlier this summer I got an email from my friend Erin that said. "Hey E, I've been putting together this volunteer opportunity and I am one person short of getting this off the ground. I remember our talk before when you told me you wanted to get more involved in the community and I think you'd be great for this. Give me a call sometime if you have time and want to learn more." Oh, so that's how I remember the email going.

I called her that very day and the volunteer opportunity is at this non-profit in East Palo Alto. I wrote before about the fun on the playground. New Creation Home is the place and Erin and I started teaching a call there Wednesday nights on jobs. Tonight was our 2nd class out of 4 and I think it's going really well.

At one point we had 11 young ladies interested in taking the class. The source of these young ladies come from the Tuesday night parenting class. From a short survey, we thought - wow! How are we going to handle 11 students AND their more than 11 children? We decided to take the ones that were super dedicated first and thought we could reasonably handle 6.

Day one was last Wednesday night and we had 3 students! I thought this was a success. But even more of a success is that all three girls also showed up tonight! I am thrilled. We form the class in a circle and have great discussions. Last week we covered resumes and cover letters. This week we talked about what to wear, what not to wear, interview question examples and illegal questions.

Erin and I had great fun role playing and the girls are so smart! I am really impressed and I will be so happy if we can close that last 5% with them and give them the confidence and knowledge they need to get a great job!

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