Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Say hello to my not so little friend

Ah, it feels so good to have my friends back in the living room with me: The Biggest Loser is back! The premier tonight was nothing short of shocking. They found a new heaviest person ever on the show weighing in at 476 lbs! That would be 3.5 of me. Wow.

I find myself overcome with tears during BL, especially at the beginning when they introduce the new people of the season and they share their stories. Bob said it right, they have a lot of baggage this season. This is season 8 now and I only started watching it last season. It came right at the time when I had already made the decision to change my life. Hubby never really understood why I watch this show but he always supported me in my desire to lose weight and change my life.

When we're running at night and I'm having a hard time, I hear their voices in my head saying, "Don't quit. Don't give up. You can do it. Finish strong." It was never an option to quit or not run when I had the chance. Some days my run are a total struggle and my time is the worst ever. But I've learned to recognize those days are actually pretty rare and I am able to recognize the signs to set myself up better for a good run. And oh how I treasure the amazing runs where conditions were absolutely perfect and I extended my distance with no pain and my heart filled with pure excitement.

My "trainers" are back and I have new friends. I think this is going to be a great fall to continue my running and add some additional things to our workout. The last 6 weeks or so my weight has been pretty uninspiring. It's remained around the same 2lb flux, but I've not been able to shave more pounds. It's been a bit depressing and I've been reading a lot about what is physically and psychologically happening. I can try this or that, but most importantly: I'm not stopping.

I'll never give up. The scale will come around eventually and I'll be excited when it does, but I have my friend (real life friends & TV) back giving me that extra excitement and encouragement. I remember this time last year when Tara, Helen & Mike joined me on the journey. I look forward to my new friends. We are all going to do such great things over the next few months!

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