Monday, September 7, 2009

Whoa slow down

I've noticed a theme of two problems: 1. I'm too busy or worried to enjoy the moment and 2. I take on too many things at once and they all suffer. I think these themes are actually pretty common in women.

Right now I am sitting at a table in a simple, but very comfortable chain hotel looking at the window to a small marina near Hermosa Beach in LA. It's been a great weekend here with our friends, but I spent so much time & energy thinking, "How we doing on time?", "I gotta do this that and the other to leave the room on time to make it to the boat.", "I plan on packing tonight so I don't have to do anything in the we can leave at 6am."

Well, it's 7:47 (according to our - seems to be off a tad - alarm clock) and hubby is still sleeping and I'm obviously on the laptop. Hubby told me last night that I need to simply enjoy more and not worry so much about getting to the next thing. I took a deep breath and said, "You're right." And he is. I've probably lived like this my whole life too just going from one thing and can't wait for the next. Pretty soon I'll be 29 and I'll just breeze on to 30 without enjoying the last year of my 20's.

It's just so hard for me because I know all of these things that have to be done. I want to leave at 6am because I'd rather the drive take 6 hours instead of 8 in traffic. I have laundry to do at home and we need to go grocery shopping and get a new dress shirt for hubby... He doesn't realize all these other things we have to do, but we're going to take the morning like true Californians and set an alarm, but still sleep in and grab some breakfast at a shack on the beach and then drive back. I'm just trying to go with the flow.

So right now I'm going to the lobby to get some coffee and then start packing a bit, but no pressure - hubby is still sleeping.

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