Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I love yoga!

Last night was my first class back to anusara yoga with Kenny in a few months. I'd been volunteering my Tuesday nights with New Creation Home in East Palo Alto, but last night I went to yoga and it was great to be back. I love having a good support system at work for yoga and getting to class! My coworker and friend, Jackie is a Design Engineer by day and yoga instructor and one who practices by night!

Jackie and I usually place our mats next to each other and when we do crazy poses, like wild thing, we try to extend over and tap the others leg with our foot!

One version of wild thing courtesy of

Last night we were both used in an example going into a hand stand! I've never been used as an example in class. And the great thing is in anusara yoga, you're an example because you are doing something right. Now, I am far from perfect and I get instructions to improve like: tuck your tail bone in, squeeze your legs together, lift more from your arms..., but it's so much fun! After the example was over, Jackie gave me her fist for a little bump. Kenny thought that was funny.

Handstand example from

We always have a good time in class. I was so spent. Savasana (corpse pose) never felt so good. I am feeling it today, but being sore from yoga is one of the best feelings ever!!! I'll probably need a wheelchair tomorrow, but I already can't wait until next week's class.

Are you interested in learning yoga? If you've never done it before, I recommend you check out the poses library at

Namaste :)

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