Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Running on 90% capacity

Hubby and I went to donate blood this weekend. They are bugging us all the time because he's a universal donor. I donate too, but it's funny because I'm a universal receiver. I hear the jokes now: he gives and gives and I take and take. Yeah, so what? :) This was a difficult donation for me. I felt ill as soon as they removed the needle. After about 10 minutes passed, I got to walk over to the waiting area for juice & food.

I got so cold there with the ice pack on my arm, my right finger nails started turning blue! It had been over 15 minutes so they removed the ice and hubby put his jacket over me. Oh so very fast I got really hot and started sweating. Hubby called the nurse over and they wanted to move me over to the bed for me to lay down with my feet up again. I couldn't get up so they had to squeeze me together and move me over there. I didn't pass out, but hubby was antsy to get out of there. So I called the nurse over and asked her to give him the wireless password so he would chillax!

Two hours in total and I got to go home. Oh movies and laying around never felt so good!

Last night we watched the new episode of House. I loved this episode that focused all on Dr. Lisa Cuddy and her life. She is a strong, powerful woman and it's nice to see more of her. She's smart and sexy! So it got us thinking, we pay for everything in a hospital. Why do we donate blood for free, when someone else on the other end has to pay to get a transfusion? If our donation is free, shouldn't their transfusion be free too? Or pay the donors and get more blood. It's in constant demand!

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