Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My sneeze just scared me!

I am sitting on the floor of my living room with my MacBook Air, Kindle, purse and 4 suitcases. Everything else we own is now on a truck to some location for either storage or shipping. And I keep thinking of things I forgot to pull out to take - like my homemade cookbook with all my favorite recipes (sorry, "favourite" recipes), the case for my laptop, the latest issue of Vogue I haven't read yet and I'm sure I'll think of something else.

My butt hurts from sitting on the floor and I just sneezed, which echoed and just scared me that someone was at the door - probably another Jehovah's Witness trying to get me to go to some event next week. No thank you.

I remember this same situation almost 5 years ago, on a different laptop, with no internet or smartphone (I had the Motorola Razor - black!) with a sore butt waiting for the movers to arrive with the very little furniture we moved here.

So much changes in 5 years, yet nothing at all. Life is what you make of it and the next chapter is going to be amazing! I can't wait hubby! Watch out London - here we come!

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