Monday, May 9, 2011

My Place of Yes...

My Place of Yes - thanks Bethenny, lead me to an amazing adventure on a motor scooter with a private tour of London's best shopping & dining! This is how it all began:

I decided I would try again today to get set up with a SIM only card on my shitty unlocked G1 phone until we can get properly set up with mobile phones and broadband at home. T-mobile & Vodofone don't open on Mondays until 9:30am, however CarPhoneWarehouse opened at 9am. They are like a broker for all the different brands.

While waiting on help there, I bonded with a woman over our love/hate relationship with phones & technology. I advised her to stick with an Android device, but for her sanity on battery life avoid the HTC devices. I absolutely love their overlay and I put up with carrying a charger around with me because I loved it so much, but it's just not practical. I wished her luck and went to Vodofone to get my SIM card.

Upon checking out in Vodofone, there she was again! We started chatting and she clearly knew I'm from America because of my accent. She went to school in the states and I told her I arrived in London 3 weeks ago and I'm here for one year. It's been very difficult getting set up with everything and she felt my pain. Then, Emma, invited me to coffee! I of course said yes, and it was fantastic.

Thank goodness I had my notebook with me today because she gave me the BEST run down of all the fantastic shopping all over London and the most amazing places to eat. I took notes with such passion trying to get all the street names and all the details she rattled off! An hour and a half went by so quickly.

She was so overjoyed about some of these areas, she insisted on showing them to me personally! At that very moment! She did not need to be at work until 2 and her little motor scooter was just nearby!

If you know me at all, the only mode of transportation I have been in besides the usual car, bus, train, plane etc. is my bicycle. My self-powered bicycle. I grew up in the country of Southern Illinois and had many girlfriends that had older brothers with 3 wheelers and 4 wheelers. I turned down countless offers for rides. I just didn't trust any of them and I knew they just wanted to show off. I did not want to end up dead. However, I said yes today and for the next two hours Emma took me ALL OVER London on her motor scooter! It was absolutely fantastic!

It was an experience of a lifetime. I wish I had photos, but honestly, I was holding on those "oh shit" bars on the side the entire time! I do have the helmet hair to prove it though. We exchanged contact information and I hope to treat her for dinner at one of her fab recommendations soon! It's good to say yes!

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  1. Wishing you for a good ride and that your incoming adventure will be all shared here.