Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A wedding, a move premier & everything fancy - Oh my!

London is amazing in many ways. We've been here 2.5 weeks now and it's a roller coaster ride for sure. I've had the good fortune of being here at one of the most exciting times in my generation: The Royal Wedding of Will & Kate. Or should I now call them the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge!

So last Friday hubby and I head out to meet up with our friends to get a seat along The Mall area somewhere for the parade route. I was skeptical because the crowd they were predicting was massive. I didn't want to get in the middle of a riot. Well, now I know better. Everyone was so polite and nice. Not a lot of shoving or yelling. It was totally foreign to me! And when people in front of us got up on someones shoulders, other people behind us said, "Hey - please get down. We can't see from back here." And they did! No yelling, no complaining, no fights. I was amazed.

Aside from the shock of the tone of the crowd, we were in a pretty good spot and got some OK photos. My friend, on top of her husband's shoulders got some GREAT shots, but mine were just ok.

The Queen!

Then, just by luck, the opened the gates and we got to walk down The Mall and into the circle in front of Buckingham Palace to watch the balcony appearance. I was simply amazed at how close we actually got!

2nd Balcony Kiss

Just when I thought things in London couldn't get any better: the London red carpet & premier of Water for Elephants was yesterday. I messaged two friends about going and neither of them could make it. The thought actually crossed my mind that I would just stay at home. But then I decided to say yes, I will go - alone. Then the thoughts came into my head, what if I can't get in? What if it's full? How long have people been waiting? We stood on our feet for HOURS for the wedding. Was it even worth my going?

Well, I went anyway. It was a long tube ride followed by not having any idea where I was going. I arrived about 2 hours early and one section was already full. But not all of them were and I got in the 2nd row! Oh, and I made some new friends too! At first I stood there with my kindle reading some book. But then I thought to myself, we're all here because we loved the book, or is it because we love Robert Pattinson? Hm. Well, regardless we all have the same opinion on something, so maybe I should put the kindle down and start talking with the other women around me. And it paid off!

Here we are waiting for the red carpet appearances to start:

And my trip was completely worth it. I'll let my photo speak for themselves! Enjoy!

The dashing Robert Pattinson

The beautiful Reese Witherspoon

The brilliant Christoph Waltz

As you can see, I'm glad I listened to myself, got off my sofa and went. It was fantastic and I made some new London friends! I don't think I can top the last 5 days! But I have many weeks to at least try!

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