Thursday, November 3, 2016

Walking Buddy - NEW!

Do you want motivation to get off the sofa, but joining a gym seems daunting? Then I’m the buddy for you!

As your personal walking buddy, we’ll meet up and go for a walk together. It can be a leisurely stroll or an urban hiking adventure, you decide. Walking is phenomenal exercise. A regular schedule can make a huge improvement in your mood, energy and physique.

Why a Walking Buddy? My personal story:

Growing up, I played many sports as a kid (volleyball, basketball, ran track, golf and soccer). As an adult I trained and ran a Half Marathon with my husband and did yoga a few times a week. Then I discovered weight training and now also do CrossFit. I was never great at any of these sports. Don’t get me wrong, I tried my best, well, I now try my best, but what I really love about sports is the social aspect of the community sport creates. My professional life shifted from a desk job to fitness in 2011 when I started taking what I learned from my trainer and applied them to teach my husband.

Through the passion of learning and coaching him, I got my Personal Training certification through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and started working as a Personal Trainer with a large fitness chain. After only 1 year there, and being broken by the stress of sales, I made the decision to start my own business and therefore set my own goals.

I became a trainer because of my love for life and desire to help people meet their fitness goals. That ranged from losing weight to learning how to use free weights and feel comfortable on the gym floor and be productive outside of group training classes or cardio equipment.

So, five years later, I train awesome people through personal training, I have corporate clients that do group training and I coach CrossFit at Arena Ready in San Francisco. Now am offering a new service for people in the community that want to get off the sofa, but are not ready for an intense workout, called Walking Buddy, where we will walk around together.

This is not a new idea, clearly, we’ve been walking the Earth for thousands of years. However our environments have drastically changed. Family dynamics are different, stressors are different and we are sitting down now more than ever! I personally see as my father is getting older and needing surgeries to maintain his health, he is not bouncing back like before and needs more supervision. My mom is younger and schedules her errands and work around his resting times so she doesn’t have to worry about him feeling lonely or worried he may trip and fall when she’s away. It’s stressful for both of them. If only I didn’t live so far away, I would be his Walking Buddy! But in San Francisco, you and I live close, so let’s be Walking Buddies!

Get up and get out with me today! The first mile is on me. Email me at or call / text me at 415-763-7462.

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